Dental check by one – or thereabouts

Small child using a tooth brush helped by the dentist and his mum

All crucially important activities are on hold as a result of CoronaVirus – and this includes going to the dentist for Dental Check by One. This blog is designed to answer any questions you might have.

During the pandemic, does it matter if my baby does not see a dentist before the age of one?

You should not worry if you have to delay your baby’s first dental check.  It’s very unlikely for there to be a problem when your child is so young. The aim of Dental Check by One is to get parents and carers seeing a dentist and getting good advice on keeping baby’s teeth healthy.

What can I do in the meantime?

The kind of information dental teams share with parents relate to toothbrushing and weaning advice. Our aim is that your baby or toddler gets into good habits from an early age, whether it’s starting to brush their teeth or eating and drinking the right things. We have produced a guide which tells you all the things you should do to give your child the best possible start for their teeth. If you are the parent of a child has autism, we also have a specific guide for you.

Do I really have to worry about teeth with so much else going on?

If you are at home for additional time with your child, this could be the opportunity to spend a little extra time morning and evening brushing their teeth – or/and letting them observe you brushing yours so they understand the importance. For older children, you could download the Brush DJ app on your phone or tablet  to inspire them to brush for two minutes. Or see if you can find the Hey Duggee Toothbrushing episode. This should help make toothbrushing fun.

Any tips on healthy eating?

Try not to let your child or children keep snacking out of boredom. A healthy snack once a day is fine but teeth enamel is weakened by frequent sugar consumption. The best thing is to keep any food – or drink – with sugar in it to mealtimes.  If you have time and have got ingredients, why not make some healthy sugar-free snacks with your child/children?

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